We can provide quality heat treatment and metallurgical services in partnership with Quality Heat Treatment Ltd. Established in 1997, this company is our close associate and one of New Zealand’s leading contract heat-treaters.

Our heat treatment facilities are in Auckland and Christchurch, providing service to the engineering and manufacturing industries on both islands. At each one, qualified staff manage and provide the necessary treatments and assist with material selection.


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Our heat treatment facilities use fluidised bed furnaces for a variety of processes. They have inert/neutral atmospheric protection which provides decarb/oxidation-free surfaces (no scale) on all processed work. A large capacity and range of furnace sizes allows us the flexibility to provide quick processing times.

To reduce our footprint as much as possible, we use electric heating – which means we can take advantage of clean, non-polluting, renewable energy.

Delivery Lead Times

It's nice to know how long you can expect your project to take, and we aim to deliver as promised.

Heat treatment process parameters can be tailored to material manufacturer's specification or client specification instructions. There is no need for clients to hold back work for weekend processing.

Work received before 10am on a working day (Monday - Friday) will have delivery times as follows:

Nitriding / Nitro-Carburising of 

P20, H13, THG 2000, V810, 4140, 4340, 4130, M261, EN41B 
Standard Run - Next Working Day

Hardening & Double Tempering of

K110, D2, Rigor, A2, Ovar, W302, H13, Sleipner, K340, Stavax, M310, M340, AISI 420, AISI 440, Calmax, Viking / Chipper, A6, Vanadis 4, Vanadis 6, Vanadis 10.
Within 2 Working Days

Hardening & Tempering of

K600, 2767, EN 30B, K460, O1, K455, S1, P20, 4140,4340, Spring Steel, Gauge Plate, Silver Steel 
Next Working Day

Carburising / Case Hardening of 

E110, E200, E230, EN36A, EN39B, 8620, 2764, Carbon hallow bar, Bisalloy 80, AISI 1012, 1214 Standard case depth (0.025 - 0.030 inches)
Within 2 Working Days 

Stress Relieving; tempering; cryogenic treatment 

Next Working Day

Precipitation Hardening of 

N700, 17-4PH, Corrax, 15-5PH
Next Working Day

Plasma / Ion Nitriding

Please discuss as process times will vary according to case depth requirement.
NOTE: Work which requires assembling, special jigs and fixtures, masking and cleaning, may take longer to process.

Pick up and delivery service in the greater Auckland and Christchurch area is available on request: For all enquiries, please contact us on Auckland (09) 270 1190, (09) 270 3390 or Christchurch (03) 348 4140 or email us should you want further details on these services. 


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