Food Processing

Certified for the food industry.

Safe, efficient production with minimal downtime is paramount in the international food processing industry. This is a demand that Uddeholm’s unique product offering can meet.

Food processing companies, which have previously sacrificed wear resistance for corrosion resistance or vice versa, no longer have to settle for just one of these properties. With the products in the Uddeholm Stainless Concept, there is a solution for the most demanding working materials. These steel grades are all certified by Normpack for the requirements in the food industry, according to European Union legislation (1935/2004). They all meet the requirements for materials that come into contact with food. Examples of relevant components are various types of knives, rolls, screws, screw segments, and barrels for the extrusion of food, hole plates for mincing meat, and pellet dies for the production of animal feed. Contact us for further information on food processing steel grades.

Contact us for further information on food processing steel grades

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