Business Overview

Our range of steels, metals, facilities and services include:
  • From inventory held in New Zealand, a comprehensive range of high-performance steels and metals: tool and die steels, silver steel, gauge plate, knife steels, high tensile steels,  induction and case-hardening steels, nitriding steels, heat treatable and high-strength stainless steels, aluminium, and copper alloys.
  • From inventory held by our principals' worldwide network, an extensive range of materials which include powder metallurgy (PM) steels & additive manufacturing (AM) powders.
  • New Zealand's largest block and plate band-sawing facilities.
  • Heat treatment services.
  • Technical support for all things metal.
  • Assistance with selection of high-performance metals.
  • Services from our principals' regional and worldwide network: 3D printed metal components, PVD, TiN and other coating services, forged, heat-treated and machined machinery, and tooling components.

Featured Products