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Uddeholm component business offers a first-class tool steel solution for applications where conventional engineering or tool steel is insufficient. Choosing the most suitable steel grade is an important decision when designing products subject to heavy loads, heavy wear, corrosion, or high temperatures. The qualities of Uddeholm tool steel contribute to an optimized design, increased performance, less maintenance cost, and the best total tooling economy.
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Uddeholm HPS
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Uddeholm HPS for Racing
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Uddeholm HPS for Steel Mills & Mining
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Uddeholm HPS for Shafts
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Bohler K700 - / 1.3401 ( X120Mn12)

Austenitic manganese steel maintaining its characteristic properties by work hardening under impact and compressive stresses. Therefore it is not comparable with the hardenable steels in this form.

Various components for hard crushing, bulk material handling, ore dressing and processing equipment, such as crusher jaws, impact bars, impact plates, hammers, breaker plates, grizzly bars, liners, elevator buckets, dredger teeth, scraper teeth, bucket links, track rollers, chain rollers, etc.  Jail bars.

Overseas Stock


20mm - 30 mm diameter

Sheets / Plates

3mm - 20mm thick x 1000 wide x 2000mm long

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Bohler HPS Racing Industry
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