High speed tool steels

High-speed steels are used for chip-cutting tools such as drills, mills, broaches, and cold-forming tools and components. The properties required are wear resistance, hot hardness, and toughness, which prevent the cutting edges from fracturing.

One specialty is our high-speed steels, made in a powder-metallurgy process, which have great performance characteristics. They are the focus of this challenging segment.

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Bohler S600 ~M2 reg.C / 1.3343

Suitable for taps, twist drills, reamers, broaching tools, metal saws, milling tools of all types, wood working tools, cold work tools. Posesses excellent wear resistance and toughness especially when at evaluated temperatures. 

NZ Stock


ø8mm - ø212mm


15mm - 40 mm thick 

Overseas Stock




25 x 20mm - 80 x 40mm


20mm - 40mm



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